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How easy is it to tailor content in real-time?

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We wanted a world where online content is private but personal So we created it. And now we share it with you.

Adtailor is an innovative audience profiling software that works in real-time on any given online business platform.

Our solution uses official third party information and data sources, 100% anonymously compiled. Adtailor analyzes a number of different criteria instantly and alters what every different visitor sees on our client’s website. All in the matter of milliseconds.

We created Adtailor because we wanted to empower businesses to deliver content that is personalized to each and every one of the web users. Because we’re all equal — just different.

Adtailor Brings

Real-time precision targeting

Once a visitor lands on your page, Adtailor performs instant user profiling.

Depending on the variables you’ve chosen and the specific content you’ve tailored in advance, your users will see more personalized content.

Adtailor helps you display to your visitors what is highly relevant to them, according to their unique profiles.

Better user experience and Reduced bounce rates

Displaying relevant data means better user experience, each time your website loads.   Personalized experience guarantees better results, both for you and your clients.

Sustainable Results and Fast ROI

Using Adtailor increases online sales, engagement & conversions by average with 9%.

The results vary depending on your business and implementation methods.

The intelligence we provide gives you the means to execute more market relevant strategies.

Sustainability in customer satisfaction and market results is what we strive to bring.

Precise intelligence for winning market strategies

Reports and analytics based on extensive data give you detailed information about your online visitors and customers.

Achieve more adequate decision making and strategic approach based on real data analysis.

Adtailor is tailored for

Depending on your business you can tailor virtually any type of content - from products and services, to ads and editorial information. Here are several examples of businesses that benefit strongly from implementing Adtailor:

E-commerce Companies

Adtailor can be especially powerful for e-commerce. Read more

Affiliate Marketers

Optimize your funnels and landing pages by improving the targeting of your audience — regardless of the traffic source. Read more

Publishers / Bloggers

Display more suggestive and relevant content on your front page. Read more


Leveraging our powerful profiling tools, an agency can not only improve its funnels and targeting, but it can also further gauge the quality of their placements, the performance of different social and demographic groups. Read more

Financial Institutions

Instantly target people based on age, income and education, and offer them more relevant services. Read more

Dating Industry

Optimize your landing and presale pages by displaying more relevant imagery, using just a few general variables… Read more

Email Marketers

Gain instant insight into your opens’ profiles and change your message’s content on the fly for them.Read more

Implementing innovation

At Adtailor, we strive for constant improvement and innovation. Adtailor brings  the value of what you do directly to your online audience, so you can improve and innovate constantly.

<script type="text/javascript"></script>


Insert a short JavaScript code to integrate your site with Adtailor’s data.

<script> </ scrtipt >


Using JavaScript, tailor content on your website. You can tailor any part of a page, content, images, ads, navigation… Note: we can also assist you with the process.


Dynamically display relevant content to each visitor landing on the page.

It’s that simple!

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Our clients experience an average 9% increase in conversions and an average of 12% increase in engagement during their trial period.

We have yet to come across a case where the proper use of Adtailor has not generated positive results and ROI.

Start your free trial 30 days.No credit card required

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